Property Management Services

Our fees are based on:

The number and type of property management services you wish us to provide. An assessment is carried out to provide the expertise and services you require.

Our Property Management service includes:

  • Advice on current market rentals

  • A free listing on 

  • Interviewing and screening of suitable prospective tenants through our thorough selection process

  • Credit and reference checks are conducted

  • Tenant selection and notification to owner

  • The completion of all documentation, including the residential tenancy agreement

  • Formal lodgment of bond monies with the Bond Centre

Income collection and reporting

  • Rent payments are monitored daily. If a tenant becomes in arrears a fourteen day notice is issued and ongoing contact is maintained to ensure all arrears are paid or appropriate action is taken as quickly as possible

  • Rental funds are direct credited monthly into landlords accounts

  • Monthly income and expenditure statements are provided, along with any accounts paid on your behalf

  • End of financial year income and expenditure statements are prepared

  • Regular expenses can be paid on landlords behalf

Property maintenance

We have preferred suppliers of reliable, skilled and efficient trade services to carry out any necessary repairs and maintenance, or you can specify your preferred suppliers.


  • A detailed inspection of the property is undertaken and a full report including photographs is prepared at the beginning each tenancy.

  • Inspections are conducted throughout the tenancy and inspection reports are supplied to landlords.

Rent Level Reviews

Whangamata Real Estate monitor market rents on an ongoing basis.  From time to time if we think rent increases are appropriate, we will advise. If you approve, we will communicate with tenants about it.

Dispute resolution

If a dispute occurs, landlords are kept fully informed. When necessary Whangamata Real Estate may present cases before the Tenancy Tribunal on the landlords behalf.

Keeping informed in a changing market place

To provide the best possible service to landlords, our Property Management team are kept informed on the latest developments in legislation, regulations and market conditions. In addition, training sessions are held for our Property Management team and staff on a regular basis ensuring the property management service is being provided in the most efficient manner possible for landlords.

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At Whangamata Real Estate we have a dedicated Property Management Team whose knowledge and expercience will help you to reduce risk and manage your rental investment efficiently - saving you time and money. 

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